Selective Laser Sintering

A. Process Selective Laser Sintering is a 3D printing process that uses a high powered pulsating laser to sinter powdered material layer by layer to form solid 3D prototype parts. The powdered material is preheated to a temperature slightly below melting point to make it easier for the laser to melt the powder together into… Read More



A. Process Stereolithography is a 3D printing process which produces 3D prototype parts layer by layer directly from 3D CAD data under computer control. The first step involves designing the 3D prototype by using a suitable CAD software or 3D scanning. This 3D CAD file is then prepared for building the 3D prototype by having the… Read More


What is 3D Printing?

While choosing a 3D printing solution can be difficult, ARRK’s experienced team in San Diego offers customers a comprehensive range of 3D printing services and solutions to help mechanical engineers and product designers develop and evaluate new products rapidly. This article will delve into what is 3D printing in detail. 3D printing is an additive… Read More


Anticipate Design Problems

Eliminate Future Roadblocks Initial design problems can negatively affect each and every step down the line. Therefore, before you get too far down the road, you need to make sure your design makes sense in terms of speed, cost-efficiency and end game manufacturability. As you know, if you create a design that’s aesthetically perfect, but… Read More


Leverage Global Resources

The World: At Your Fingertips There’s a lot to be said for having access to the global resources of a company, especially when speed is your top priority. A global company means global assets and capabilities, a local presence in major markets, a larger staff, and more machines – all working towards your project 24/7…. Read More

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