An Inside Look At Rapid Prototyping

injection molded components

Rapid prototyping is a key component to successful product development, as it gives designers and engineers the advantage to modify their designs during the development stage until it is considered perfect and ready for production. Product development has come a long way since its original roots and parts that used to take days or weeks… Read More

Rapid Prototyping Medical Devices & Products

medical imaging

Rapid Prototyping has numerous applications in the medical devices and healthcare industry which range from breast imaging devices, custom prosthetics, and anatomical models to inhalers, surgical bins, and outside monitor panels. Where prosthetics once were limited in their capabilities, rapid advancements in technologies such as additive manufacturing is now enabling all athletes to compete against… Read More

3 Reasons Why Additive Manufacturing Is Important

additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or popularly known today as 3D printing, is a technology which is used to manufacture prototype parts by printing them layer by layer. This technology has penetrated every major industry from automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer products to medical and dental. Most common applications include functional prototypes, fit and assembly models, patters for prototype… Read More

The Benefits Of Prototyping In The Auto Industry

auto prototyping

Although technologies such as hologram-projection and additive manufacturing have been widely adopted by the auto industry, designers still depend on full-size clay models that are hand sculpted to get a feel for the actual design and volume of the car. At ARRK, we offer a versatile and flexible approach that makes us highly adaptable to… Read More

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