3 Reasons Why Metal Sintering Is Good For Aerospace Applications

metal sintering

Speed – Direct metal laser sintering allows for functional end use parts to be manufactured in less than a day because no special tooling is required. This subsequently reduces the cost for manufacturing custom metal parts. Complexity – Direct metal laser sintering makes it possible to manufacture parts that are extremely difficult to produce using… Read More

4 Reasons Why Stereolithography Is Perfect For Prototyping


Speed – As time is a critical factor for most design and engineering teams, stereolithography allows for functional prototypes to be manufactured in less than a day. Size – Maximum size of prototypes that can be built using stereolithography technology is 25.6 in. x 29.5 in. x 19.6 in. If prototypes are larger than the… Read More

The Rise In Demand For Rapid Prototyping

rapid prototype development

We want things now. With rapid prototyping technologies available today, instant gratification has now become a reality. Technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, and vacuum casting can produce parts quickly and efficiently. Prototyping has come a long way since its original roots as wooden models. Parts that used to take days or weeks to… Read More

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