Customer Testimonials

We have over 66 years of experience in building strong partnerships with our customers. The ARRK team is responsive, knowledgeable and continually demonstrates that we invest in customer success. Read what ARRK’s customers have to say about our services.

ARRK is my go to prototyping supplier when I want a high quality prototype delivered on time. I know I will get a prototype that has the look of a release ready product and I will get it on the promised delivery date. I frequently get compliments on ARRK built parts for their fit and finish. The conversation typically starts with “Is this a prototype or actual part?” The conversation ends with “ Where did you get that done?” In fact, the parts are of such high quality that I have to frequently remind people that they are prototypes so be careful with them!
Engineer, Medical Device Manufacturing Company

ARRK consistently meets constrained schedules to deliver top quality models each time. Their customer service is second to none in the passion and commitment to ensure the customer’s requirements are met. Their overall level of excellence remains the reason that they are our primary source for rapid prototyping.
Engineer, Electronics Company

I really appreciate ARRK’s quick same day quotation, product quality, and on time delivery. Order acknowledgement, frequent project status updates, and shipping confirmation are nice communication tools used by ARRK customer service. It is a real pleasure working with ARRK’s team in San Diego.
Tooling Engineer, Electronics Company

We have been working with ARRK’s Business Development Manager and his team since 2010. He is knowledgeable, dependable, and very professional. There are numerous prototyping and production fabrication companies to choose from but we continue to use ARRK’s services due to their impressive customer service, overall responsiveness, quality work and fair pricing.
President/Owner, Design Company

In the nearly 30 years of developing products there is only one company we go to now to “partner” with on our product development; ARRK Product Development Group. We know we can count on their quality, experience, ability, skill and turnaround time which is essential to our success. ARRK is more of a partner in this process than a company that just delivers parts. They advise and consult with us as we go along the development process. We can count on them to deliver what they promise without any excuses. ARRK plays an instrumental part in our success.
Sr. Engineering Manager, Design and Engineering Company

ARRK somehow consistently manages to provide superior quality, speed, and customer service all while maintaining the best prices by a large margin compared to their competitors.
Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Company

I’ve been using ARRK’s services for over 20 years and have been consistently pleased with the quality of execution, and availability of a full range of construction and finishing techniques. As an Industrial Designer and Mechanical Engineer, I’ve used their services for both functional prototypes and Class-A visual models. I always know what to expect and when an issue does arise due to a particularly tricky implementation, I get rapid communication and workaround suggestions. What more could you ask for?
Mechanical Engineer, Design Company

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