Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

At ARRK, we believe in an integrated approach to product development that is backed at every stage by exceptional people. We offer a wide range of rapid prototyping, and injection molding and tooling solutions for customers in the consumer electronics industry. Our customers benefit from the latest technologies and materials because we are an established global product development company.

Consumer electronics is a competitive arena and partnering with an experienced product development company that can guide your product from prototyping phase to production phase is the key to success. ARRK has over 66 years of experience and our vast knowledge in the marketplace offers a powerful advantage to clients navigating all of the variables in processes and materials.

ARRK consistently meets constrained schedules to deliver top quality models each time. Their customer service is second to none in the passion and commitment to ensure the customer’s requirements are met. Their overall level of excellence remains the reason that they are our primary source for rapid prototyping.
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Our experienced team will make certain that your product takes into consideration speed, cost efficiency, and manufacturability from the start. ARRK’s team has a reputation in the consumer electronics industry for experience, innovation and cost efficiency. We have been instrumental in launching some of the most popular products in the world and our full range of product development solutions will help you achieve the same success.

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