At ARRK, we believe we have the expertise and the resources to ensure a successful and cost efficient approach to meet our clients’ expectations. Our legacy has proven itself through projects that are delivered on time, custom made, and are cost effective. We operate our facilities under the strictest guidelines, and our highly trained employees will treat your projects with the utmost care.

Our ability to accommodate and manage each step of the process can reduce your product development time and keep your goal on target. For obvious reasons we do not share details regarding our clients, but you can be confident that we have experience working with top companies in the field.

ARRK somehow consistently manages to provide superior quality, speed, and customer service all while maintaining the best prices by a large margin compared to their competitors.
Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Company

Our vast array of industry-leading technologies as well as our focus on craftsmanship will ensure premium quality prototypes and parts. ARRK’s specific work instructions also reference tolerances, texture, finish, and color standards and make sure you receive an impeccable product.

While respecting the confidentiality and privacy of our aerospace and defense clients, ARRK’s ITAR compliance has allowed us to work on a variety of highly classified projects used to safeguard our nation. Our team is highly experienced and we continually invest in our people so they can provide clients with exceptional support throughout the entire product development process.

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