At ARRK, we believe in combining the newest, latest, and greatest technologies with master craftsmanship to bring your products to market quickly and economically. We are proud to offer a wide range of services that support initial product development to all medical device manufacturers worldwide. We work with the largest medical device companies in the world and are accomplished in all aspects of rapid prototyping, and injection molding & tooling services.

Our team has extensive experience and is involved at every step to ensure your project meets established timelines and is ready for launch. A team of skilled model makers undertake all finishing, painting and texturing services in-house, ensuring ARRK’s stringent quality standards are upheld and delivery schedules maintained. We operate under strict quality management processes in our certified facilities to ensure your prototypes meet all requirements. Our standard of excellence can be seen in our innovation, team atmosphere, and overall focus on craftsmanship.

ARRK is my go to prototyping supplier when I want a high quality prototype delivered on time. I know I will get a prototype that has the look of a release ready product and I will get it on the promised delivery date. I frequently get compliments on ARRK built parts for their fit and finish. The conversation typically starts with “Is this a prototype or actual part?” The conversation ends with “ Where did you get that done?” In fact, the parts are of such high quality that I have to frequently remind people that they are prototypes so be careful with them!
Engineer, Medical Device Manufacturing Company

ARRK believes in building a partnership with our customers and we have the tremendous experience required to help reach your goal for a successful product launch. We offer a versatile and flexible approach that makes us highly adaptable to meet the full spectrum of product development needs in the medical industry.

ARRK has an impeccable history and you will find an integrated range of product development solutions that help compress your time to market, add value, and reduce risk.

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