Direct Metal Laser Sintering

At ARRK, we believe in providing solutions that are tailored to suit your project. Direct metal laser sintering is a 3D printing technology which is mostly suited for prototyping functional metal parts. Parts made using this technology are good for geometries that cannot be easily die casted or machined. Depending upon the end use of your application, these materials offer designers and engineers exceptional flexibility and freedom.

Aluminum (AlSi10Mg)
This material offers good strength, hardness and dynamic properties and hence also used for parts subject to high loads. This material is ideal for applications which require a combination of good thermal properties and low weight. It is typically used to cast parts with thin walls and complex geometry.
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Cobalt Chrome (SP2)
This material is a cobalt-chrome-molybdenum-based super alloy with excellent tensile strength and hardness. It is commonly used for prototyping.
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Inconel (625)
This material has good corrosion resistance and tensile strength. This material is suitable for building complex parts for high temperature and high strength applications. It is expected to have good corrosion resistance in various corrosive environments.
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Inconel (718)
This material has high tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength. This material is suitable for high temperature applications and has excellent potential for cryogenic applications.
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Stainless Steel (17-4 PH)
This material has good ductility and corrosion resistance. This material has also has high strength and is suitable for functional prototypes and small series products.
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Stainless Steel (316L)
This material has good corrosion resistance. This material is widely used in a variety of consumer, aerospace, and automotive applications.
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Titanium (Ti64)
This material has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight. This material is widely used in a variety of medical, aerospace and other engineering applications.
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