At ARRK, we believe in providing custom solutions that are tailored to suit your project. ARRK has a powerful fleet of stereolithography machines that will provide you with fast turnaround and accuracy. Whether that’s a prototype to test form, fit and function, or as a starting point for any of our downstream manufacturing services, you will receive professional advice about the material that best suits your needs.

Depending upon the end use of your application, ARRK offers materials such as ABS-like, Water Clear (WC) and Flex. Our in house finishing team can accomplish a range of surface finish levels, with or without primer, color matched paints, polishing and texturing. The finished parts can be used as mock ups, functional prototypes or masters for cost saving RTV tooling.

This prototype material is an opaque white, low viscosity resin that produces accurate and durable models with ABS-like performance and appearance. It produces robust, white prototypes with a high gloss fine surface finish and detail. It is particularly suitable for master patterns, concept models, functional prototypes and general parts. Prototypes exhibit durability over time beyond 6 months.
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This prototype material is a clear amber resin that produces very high durability polypropylene-like parts. It is an accurate material with wide process latitude and it produces robust, white models with excellent side wall features. It also has high elongation at break and it is particularly suitable for snap-fit applications.
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This prototype material is a clear, low viscosity resin with excellent accuracy. It offers a large working envelope of physical properties, as well as a unique combination of high elongation and impact strength which allows the building of durable prototypes. It requires less part finishing time and particularly suitable for masters for the investment casting process.
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