Selective Laser Sintering

At ARRK, we believe in taking complex projects and making them a reality. Our selective laser sintering 3D printing service enables the supply of tough, durable prototypes days from acceptance of CAD data. Prototypes produced using this technology have high strength and particularly suited for functional testing in rigorous environments. These materials are ideal for prototypes with high temperature applications and our latest EX material combines fine durability and exceptional flexibility. Additionally, we are able to deliver finished prototypes that include a range of surface finishes, as well as paint and texturing service in-house.

This prototype material has excellent surface resolution and is very easy to process. It is USP Class VI compliant and is compatible with autoclave sterilization. It also has good chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. It produces accurate, durable and repeatable end-use prototype parts without tooling as demanded by the manufacturers.
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This prototype material has excellent mechanical stiffness and is very easy to process. Dimensionally it is very stable and has good load bearing capacity at elevated temperatures. It also has improved isotropic shrinkage due to the glass filler.
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This prototype material has excellent toughness and is very easy to process. It has excellent impact resistance and repeatable mechanical properties. Prototypes produced using this material have toughness similar to injection molded ABS and polypropylene.
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