A Device That Monitors Cat’s Health

SAN DIEGO, CA—February 3, 2016 – Pet Wireless turned to ARRK Product Development Group USA, INC. ( to prototype a device which can be used to monitor cat’s health. Alex Treiner, CEO and founder of Pet Wireless, created “Tailio”, a device that could be used as an early warning system for indoor cats and could also save the lives of other pets.

“Tailio will act as an early warning system that will look for a change in the cat’s body weight and elimination behavior” said Treiner. “This device is incorporated with a weighing scale that can be placed directly beneath the litterbox. The cat’s overall health will then be monitored using sophisticated metrics through a cloud based application. The cat owner will then be able to receive daily summaries, and alerts on their smartphones if a change is detected.”

pet wireless tailio

Based on the requirements of this project, ARRK’s experienced team turned to vacuum casting technology to develop the prototypes quickly and economically. “Vacuum casted parts resembled the final product not only in shape but also in appearance and finish. This method was beneficial because it provided a visual, practical and functional evaluation. ARRK’s team did a wonderful job. The advancements in vacuum casting technology and range of materials available at ARRK made it an even more useful way to get production-like parts rather than just prototypes,” Treiner added.

Pet Wireless is an IoT and Data Analytics startup with a vision of becoming Big Data company. The company is already at the manufacturing stage and plan to start shipping this device early this year. If you would like to find out more about Tailio, please visit


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