ARRK USA Sponsors UCSD’s first ever Make-athon 3D Printing Design Competition Organized by Triton 3D

SAN DIEGO, CA—May 08, 2015–ARRK Product Development Group USA, INC. ( one of the world’s largest product development specialists, will be sponsoring the first ever UCSD Make-athon 3D Printing Design competition organized by Triton 3D, May 16-17. At Make-athon, ARRK will demonstrate its 3D printing and rapid prototyping capabilities to participating teams.

ARRK’s new prototype samples will collectively represent the company’s 3D printing and rapid prototyping capabilities, which include technologies such as stereolithography, selective laser sintering, PolyJetTM, fused deposition modeling, direct metal laser sintering, vacuum casting, and CNC machining to UCSD students. This event will also give ARRK an opportunity to explain the pros and cons of additive manufacturing vs subtractive manufacturing to future designers and engineers.

“Sponsoring the 3D printing design competition will give ARRK an excellent opportunity to interact with future designers and engineers in the quickly evolving rapid manufacturing industry.” said John Gabriel, Business Development Manager of ARRK. “ARRK’s handheld samples will allow us to showcase our range of manufacturing capabilities whether it is a prototype for form and fit testing or a starting point for any of our downstream manufacturing services.”

“People demand quality plastic or metal parts to be delivered quickly and economically, and it is very important for future designers and engineers to learn and know which materials and technologies will work best for their project.” Gabriel added.

About ARRK

ARRK Product Development Group USA, INC. is one of the world’s largest product development specialists with origins dating back to 1948 in Osaka, Japan. With over 66 years of experience, ARRK provides services to support a company’s product development needs and its customer achievements can be found across all industries with an emphasis on medical, consumer electronics, automotive, defense and aerospace. Today, ARRK Corporation has over 3300 employees and over 20 locations worldwide.

ARRK’s CAD data services supports large engineering programs, backed by core competencies in plastics, sheet metal, castings, foam and composites. Our expertise in low volume production which includes vacuum casting, 3D printing and CNC machining ensures your product is created using optimum materials and pass functional testing. Our tooling and injection molding services are all directed by expert technical personnel with the knowledge and experience to help accelerate your product to market.

The ARRK Corporation is completely focused on maintaining and improving quality standards, ensuring our clients receive a superior caliber of product and service. We are dedicated to craftsmanship, and our quality is non-negotiable.

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