Eclipse Will Aid Women To Help Monitor Breast Health At Home

SAN DIEGO, CA—September 1, 2015 — Eclipse turned to ARRK Product Development Group USA, INC. ( to prototype an easy to use noninvasive digital device to help monitor and improve breast health at home. Ken Wright, CEO and Co-founder of Eclipse designed and developed this palm-sized device which will allow women to “see” what cannot be felt traditionally in a monthly breast self-exam.

“Eclipse will act as a simple prompting tool looking for a change in the breast and if a change is detected, it will encourage women to get checked out professionally by their doctors.” said Wright. The Eclipse device uses TransPhotonic technology which was originally co-engineered by Ken Wright for U.S. Navy submarines to “see” in murky-water and other obstructed situations. “TransPhotonic technology is 100% safe and radiation free technology which is a cross physics combination of sensors and low energy photons that closely mimics the human touch. It improves the effectiveness of self-administered breast exams by being up to 5 times more sensitive than a human hand.” Added Wright.eclipse breast health prototype

Based on the requirements of this project, ARRK’s experienced team turned to stereolithography technology to develop the prototype quickly and economically. Eclipse’s CAD data was directly used on the stereolithography additive manufacturing system to build the parts. ARRK’s master craftsmen then carefully assembled the parts and finished the prototype to make it feel and function like an actual product.

“Our CAD drawings were not enough and I knew it would be difficult to get the message across without a working prototype. ARRK’s team did a brilliant job. All the parts not only fit together perfectly but also functioned effectively. The prototype was of such high quality that I had to remind myself it is a prototype and not a release ready product.” Wright added.

Eclipse is now engaged in its commercial phase and currently working with the FDA to finalize its technology and regulatory requirements. If you would like to find out more about Eclipse, please visit

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