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Rapid Prototyping has numerous applications in the medical devices and healthcare industry which range from breast imaging devices, custom prosthetics, and anatomical models to inhalers, surgical bins, and outside monitor panels. Where prosthetics once were limited in their capabilities, rapid advancements in technologies such as additive manufacturing is now enabling all athletes to compete against one another. Surgeons are now utilizing the benefits of additive manufacturing, providing solutions that are quick and cost-effective to many patients worldwide. In this blog we revisit the ultrasound imaging system called “Aixplorer” from Supersonic Imagine and noninvasive digital device “Eclipse” from Eclipse Breast Health Technologies to get a deeper insight in to rapid prototyping medical devices and products.

medical imaging The real challenge for ARRK’s technical experts was to remain faithful to the original concept, which required using as few parts as practically possible in the final design. ARRK created the components needed to house medical technology and the ergonomic interface using preliminary styling sketches provided by the customer. Transposing the initial design ideas into a fully functional working model required ARRK’s teams to work closely with Supersonic Imagine, and a compromise was reached on the number of parts used. ARRK cleverly designed close tolerance split lines between the panels, which did not impede on the concept design, but still allowed for a high quality fit to the metal chassis. The final working prototype successfully achieved the balance between aesthetics and functional operation. The project from start to finish was coordinated by ARRK’s in-house team of specialist program managers who worked to coordinate and source, via the ARRK Global Network, all the parts required for final manufacture. This streamlined process enabled ARRK to deliver a cost effective solution that has exceeded client expectation.

eclipse breast imaging Breast cancer affects everyone. In 2015, more than 200,000 women in the U.S. alone will have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Despite millions invested in research and development for solutions, the number of cases and deaths continues to rise globally. Ken Wright, CEO and Co-founder of Eclipse designed and developed a palm-sized device which will allow women to “see” what cannot be felt traditionally in a monthly breast self-exam for use in the comfort of your home. Eclipse turned to ARRK to prototype an easy to use noninvasive digital device to help monitor and improve breast health at home. Based on the requirements of this project, ARRK’s experienced team turned to stereolithography technology to develop the prototype quickly and economically. Eclipse’s CAD data was directly used on the stereolithography additive manufacturing system to build the parts. ARRK’s master craftsmen then carefully assembled the parts and finished the prototype to make it feel and function like an actual product.Eclipse is now engaged in its commercial phase and currently working with the FDA to finalize its technology and regulatory requirements.

It is an exciting time to be in the rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry and it is our job to take your amazing new product ideas and masterfully craft them into real applications. While it does not happen overnight, it is something we at ARRK are exceptionally good at.Visit our website for additional information on rapid prototyping or speak directly with one of our knowledgeable technical experts at 800-735-2775.

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