The Benefits Of Prototyping In The Auto Industry

benefits of prototyping in auto industryAlthough technologies such as hologram-projection and additive manufacturing have been widely adopted by the auto industry, designers still depend on full-size clay models that are hand sculpted to get a feel for the actual design and volume of the car. At ARRK, we offer a versatile and flexible approach that makes us highly adaptable to meet the full spectrum of needs for the auto industry.

Visualizing designs
Whether prototypes are hand-crafted, CNC machined, additively manufactured or casted, having a physical model in front of your eyes is great because it allows the design team to make changes early in the development phase.

Range of technologies and materials
Prototypes can be made from a range of different technologies from stereolithography and casting to machining. Each technology offers unique materials and prototypes produced using the latest technologies offer tremendous flexibility in terms of mechanical and thermal properties.

Interior and exterior components
From full interior mock-ups which include meters with lighting and movement to exterior components such as grilles, headlights and taillights made from either machined acrylic or stereolithography, our team has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience to present the best possible solutions for the auto industry.

Quality matters
Throughout the entire prototyping process, we continuously check parts to ensure the highest quality is delivered. ARRK personnel have extensive, first-hand experience meeting client’s requirements in the most demanding of timescales. With master craftsmanship and the capacity of our worldwide network, we have supported some of world’s leading companies over the past 66 years.

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