CAD Data

CAD Data

At ARRK, we believe in providing a comprehensive design and engineeringrange of product development solutions to help accelerate your product to market. We offer a wide range of services that support initial product development and also support large engineering programs, backed by core competencies in plastics, metals, castings, foams, and composites.

We are focused on providing the most effective CAD guidance to prevent unnecessary delays. We work with major industry data service platforms and technologies and also support most CAD applications. Whatever the scope of your next project, from a single, simple prototype to large and complex parts, our experienced team can guide you through every step in the product development cycle.

Comprehensive end-to-end support

The technical knowledge and proven experience of our team enables us to accept and validate most file formats. Our team will work with you to resolve issues such as resolution, wall thicknesses, size of graphics on the model, and unusual dimensions.

Our versatile and flexible approach makes us highly adaptable, enabling us to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace and defense.

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