CNC Machining

At ARRK, we believe in taking complex, intricate projects and making them a reality. Deliverability is key with our customers and our CNC machining service will ensure your product gets to market more efficiently. We invest in the latest machines to ensure even your most complex CNC projects can be delivered on time and within budget. We possess some of the most powerful CNC equipment in the world and our 3 axis and 5 axis machines provide our customers with many material options.

In contrast to 3D printing technologies like stereolithography, selective laser sintering, PolyJet™, fused deposition modeling and direct metal laser sintering wherein prototypes are produced by adding material layer by layer, CNC machining is a process that creates parts quickly by removing material with unsurpassed accuracy. CNC machining is short for computer numerical control machining and offers rapid turnaround of machined parts with a high level of precision.

At ARRK, we can also produce mock ups that simulate your material, paint, finish and simple operational requirements – creating a near perfect rendering for your original design. This is beyond valuable if you are looking to evaluate your designs or require a prototype for pre-launch publicity and marketing. With over 66 years of trusted experience, ARRK has the resources to make your project a success.

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