Direct Metal Laser Sintering

At ARRK, we believe in combining the newest, latest, and greatest technologies with master craftsmanship to bring your products to market quickly and economically. ARRK’s direct metal laser sintering service provides customers with the ability to produce complex metal prototypes. Direct metal laser sintering is a 3D printing technology that uses a laser to sinter powdered metal material to produce complex prototypes layer by layer.

As metal is the primary build material for this process, this service is ideal for prototypes that require high strength or high heat deflection. Because no special tooling is required, prototypes made using this technology can be more complex and be produced in just a matter of hours. Prototypes that are 3D printed using this technology have maximum design flexibility, while carrying the appearance, physical, and mechanical properties of metals. This method is best suited for producing complex metal prototypes and is great for use in aerospace or defense-related applications because of its ability to produce very fine features. Parts produced using this technology are superior in strength, making them ideal for rigorous field testing and engineering evaluation. In all, direct metal laser sintering technology has become established as a trusted and reliable 3D printing process for rapid prototyping.

ARRK offers different material options and our experienced team will advise you on the best solution for your project. Additionally, we are able to deliver finished metal prototypes that include a range of surface finishes, as well as paint and texturing service. We provide personalized service from start to finish and use direct metal laser sintering technology to manufacture prototypes in the field of medical, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and defense.

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