Injection Molding

At ARRK, we believe in providing a comprehensive range of product development solutions to help accelerate your product to market. Our professional team is experienced on providing custom injection molding and tooling solutions to meet the demand for rapid manufacturing of plastic and metal parts.

At ARRK, we are able to combine prototyping techniques with traditional, time-service craftsmanship to produce quality parts quickly and economically. Our injection molding service is ideal for components such as phones, radio covers, hand-held devices, packaging lids, and enclosures.

The use of centralized development and production data makes it possible to reliably maintain the initial design concept. We also help detecting problems early in the product development phase, prior to the design of the production tool. These and other advantages significantly shorten development lead times and produce the highest quality tools.

Our molding capabilities include:

  • Short Run Prototype Molding
  • Low Volume and High Volume Production
  • All Certified Materials

ARRK also offers its customers a wide range of secondary service options that include machining, powder coating, silk screening, painting, and ultrasonic welding. ARRK uses the latest machines and certified materials to provide customers with outstanding quality, precision, and speed of service.

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