At ARRK, we believe in an integrated approach to product development that is backed at every stage by exceptional engineering skill, cutting-edge technology, and expert guidance. PolyJetTM is an inkjet 3D printing technology which is ideal for producing prototypes requiring fine detail and high accuracy.

ARRK’s comprehensive range of prototyping service helps manufacturers, designers, and engineers to develop and evaluate new products quickly, economically, and with less risk. You will receive professional advice about the technology that best suits your needs, whether it is a prototype to test form, fit, and function, or as a starting point for any of our other downstream manufacturing services.

We offer a significant advantage in the marketplace through our worldwide network of specialized ARRK facilities. With a long and established history that dates back over 66 years, ARRK has amassed a wealth of knowledge to assist designers and engineers from a wide range of industries which include medical, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and defense.

Other benefits of PolyJetTM technology:

PolyJetTM technology has numerous benefits. Complex prototypes with intricate details and smooth surfaces can be produced using this technology. Because of its multi-material capability, the combination of several materials into one prototype becomes possible. This feature of PolyJetTM technology is ideal if you want to simulate an overmold, have multiple colors or add flexibility in your prototype parts.

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