Our philosophy towards rapid prototyping is sla prototypeto use the most appropriate technology to get the job completed in the shortest possible time frame economically. ARRK’s stereolithography service is a resin-based 3D printing technology that uses an ultraviolet laser to build prototypes one layer at a time.

Although complex projects may take a little longer, we typically deliver prototypes within 2-3 days of receiving your CAD data. At ARRK we stay ahead of the curve for the latest development in stereolithography resins and our experts have selected the best resins to cover most applications. With a fleet of stereolithography machines and the best resins to choose from, ARRK offers clients extensive capacity to ensure quick delivery and prototypes that are built in the material that best fit your needs.

Stereolithography materials we offer include:

ABS-like – This prototype material is ideal for durable parts.
Flex – This prototype material is ideal for flexible parts.
WC – This prototype material is ideal for clear parts.

Additionally, we are able to offer a choice of finishes to customize your project. Our team is involved at every stage, from project evaluation to final delivery, ensuring a speedy and seamless service. Whatever the scope of your project, ARRK is here to help.

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